Decentralized Derivatives

The Opium Protocol has a set of smart-contracts that allow anyone to construct and trade financial derivatives on any underlying value

In this episode of our podcast, we meet Andrey Belyakov. Andrey is a member of the CFA Institute, a professional derivative trader, and fund manager with 10 years of experience with 20+ billion EUR AUM portfolios. Andrey is an entrepreneur, private venture investor and advisor of several fintech start ups. We talk about his new blockchain project Opium. Opium Protocol is the universal protocol to create, settle and trade virtually all derivatives in a trustless way. It has a set of smart-contracts that allow anyone to construct and trade financial derivatives on any underlying value. All of this can be done without intermediaries such as notaries, banks, brokers and exchanges. The system is designed to operate completely decentralized. The synthetic derivatives created can use leverage to trade derivatives on any underlying value while still keeping full ownership of your positions, & manages risk through various parameters & market views with counterparties. We talk about how this platform is going to transform institutional trading , and we wrap up with talking about his biggest regret in life. Learn more here: Here is a link to our podcast on Apple SpotifyGoogle to hear this episode and all the other episodes interviewing the top blockchain funds, entrepreneurs, & institutions.

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