From Goldman Sachs to Crypto

Alot of smart people from institutions are moving to tech & crypto

With the ipos this year, there are signs of the new guard coming in on the digital currency & crypto opportunities. We are seeing interesting things like the COO of Bridgewater move to a crypto firm. Similarly, In this latest episode of our podcast on: Apple SpotifyGoogle, and all other major channels: we meet Raakhee Miller (Ex-Goldman Sachs alum). Rakhee is the CEO of Bitsian. She is a super interesting person. Bitsian is a one-stop aggregator where you can trade any coin to any coin confidently and get the best price across exchanges. The global order book allows to see across all order books at once, and helps you organize all your accounts in one place. Rakhee grew up in Hong Kong and held multiple successful leadership positions at Goldman Sachs, managing solutions for listed derivatives and prime brokerage. She started her career in business consulting at SunGard, providing integration and professional services for clients who were using SunGard’s standard derivatives clearing and settlements software (GMI).

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We talk about her experience moving from China to NYC & the similarities she noticed. In addition, we walk through the benefits & features of the Bitsian platform. Some great things to learn are how she juggles between being a CEO, Mom, & wife. And it’s exciting to hear about her Head of Product’s trip to Antarctica. We explore thoughts on career changes over time, her biggest regrets, and the bright future ahead for Bitsian. For more information and early access to the waitlist, visit

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