Jump in crypto mining & college electricity

Mining shows a slight increase & kids are using college electricity to mine crypto

Increase after 19 months

According to crypto insider, mining profitability has now increased after a 19 month low and it notes “Last month, Bitcoin mining revenues fell to their lowest intake since August 2017. The total mining income in February 2019 totalled $195 million – a mere fraction compared to the $951 million peak of December 2017, and a 10% decline from the previous month.”

However, something that has shown positive signs of growth is new revenues from bitmain which indicate an increase in mining demand and their flagship miner, the S15 being sold out twice. Crypto insider also notes that “Furthermore, Bitmain introduced the next generation 7nm ASIC Chip for SHA256 mining which is supposed to be 28.6% more efficient.”

Use College Campus Electricity for Bitcoin Mining

When it comes to bitcoin mining, the mining difficulty is continuously getting more difficult and it’s the access to low cost electricity that will allow people to be able to make up for the high costs. What if you didn’t even have to worry about paying for electricity? This is an interesting loophole that college students can take advantage of. As a matter of fact, PC Mag states that college campuses are the 2nd largest consumers of mining based on analysis by Cisco. With the rising costs of student debt, tuition, and fees for students: imagine making back the same money to cover these costs in mining?

Below are some interesting graphics from PC Mag on top verticals & geography